Fashion and art rules the world.

Beautification through makeup, Jewelries and classic shoes.

External beauty comes mainly from what we put on and how we take care of our body day to day.

It ranges from makeups and all of it’s materials used to add more beauty to the face.

Below are some pictures and a video that shows you how to do a clean makeup.

make up 10make up 9make up 8make up 7make up 6make up 4make up 3make up 2

The next is the beautification of the body with Jewelries. Below are good pictures of beautiful jewelries.

jewery 10jewery 9jewery 8jewery 7jewery 6jewery 5jewery 4jewery 3jewery 2jewery 1

Finally, the shoes we put on also go a long way to add more beauty to our looks.

Below are some pictures of good shoes.

cho 11cho 10cho 9cho 8cho 7cho 6cho 5cho 4cho 3cho 2cho 1

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